We are so fortunate to have a great, collaborative staff team at  Woodend.  Our teachers and School Support Officers (SSOs) work together as a strong team focussed on  high quality service and support for students and parents.  Every day we appreciate the efforts that contribute to success at this school.   Each year our teachers are acknowledged on World Teachers Day and our SSOs are acknowledged during SSO Week.  We are celebrating SSO Week this week.

Not everyone would be aware of the work that many of our SSOs do each day. Our support staff are:

  • Office: Kerri Bruggemann (school office secretary, First Aid), Sharon Gregory (finance and office manager), Angela Burrow, finance and office support)
  • Student Learning Support in class and special withdrawal programs: Dana Pentland, Kym Sard, Sharyn Paris (includes Drumbeat and Play is the Way), Belinda Grossman, Jenny Peake ( Quicksmart Maths)
  • Library: Sarah Buckley
  • Kitchen Garden: Amanda Whitrod, Kate Washington
  • Grounds: Ken McTaggart
  • Digital Technology: Dave Aparicio (technical support)

These staff members all have specific skills, expertise and qualifications that allow them to make significant impact on programs, procedures and learning at the school.  They are also terrific people!  We really value for their efforts.