In room 17 this year we are working on ‘Genius Projects’. Genius projects give us an opportunity to learn about something that we think is important or that we are interested in. We had to submit a proposal for our projects to show what we expect our new learning to be. We can work in groups of up to three people. In our group we have two people, Jayden and Ashton.

Our project is to make a ‘buddy bench’ for our school. It is something that we have wanted to have in the yard for awhile. A buddy bench is for people that are feeling a bit down and don’t have anything to do at recess and lunch or might be having trouble finding someone to play with. We think the buddy bench is a good idea because we want a happy and healthy school that feels good and safe for everyone.

We have decided to make one of these for the school to help people out and so they can make friends and have fun.

We have made a good start on the project but we need some help. We were wondering if anyone in our community has  some donations of paint so we can decorate the bench in nice colours so that it stands out. If you can help us you can see us in room 17 or talk to our teachers Mr Lamshed or Ms Reid.

Thanks a lot
Your sincerely

Ashton and Jayden


** EDIT ** Steve Mansfield has kindly offered to donate the paint we need for this project from our local Mitre 10. Steve regularly supports our school with projects and we very much appreciate his generosity!