With winter well and truly here, the students are enjoying some popular hot menu items from our winter canteen menu.  Has your child tried our tasty lasagne?  This is one of many items that are freshly made at the canteen and we source the brands with the least amount of sodium and fat content.  Our lasagne is available as a lunch menu item for $4.00.  We also have warm items available over the counter at recess.   Nachos is one of those choices and a good filler for a cold winter’s morning. It is available for $1.50.

This term we surveyed the SRC reps to get ideas for lunch menu ideas.  Sushi was a popular suggestion so in Term 3 we will be trialling sushi rolls.  This will be over the counter initially to gauge popularity.


As of Term 3, we will  reintroduce the potato gems (replacing wedges) with our Chicken Nugget, Farmyard Nest and Treasure Chest meals as we have sourced a healthier potato gem and students have enjoyed potato gems in the past.

Please take time to look through our winter menu choices and try something new!  See the Winter Menu below.

We thank all those volunteers who have helped in the canteen this term.  Every little bit help and your support is much appreciated.

Canteen Winter Menu

IMG_1536 IMG_7551