Many of the year 3 /4/5 classes will be involved in HANDS ON Chemical Science activities this week  here at school. Each of these classes will be involved in a 90 minute session. This will be a fabulous opportunity for students to engage in a range of high quality hands on science tasks. Students will have the opportunity to develop their understanding of how science relates to their lives. They will pose and answer questions and investigate scientific concepts. Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.32.17 pmThey will engage in activities that develop their understanding of a fair test and variables associated with a fair test. Students will also practice measurement and observation with experiments on electrochemistry, mixtures, indicators, reaction rate and temperature. This workshop is so thoroughly engaging we’ll have no idea that 90 minutes has flown by.

We are looking forward to a great SCIENTIFIC learning experience with “Our Chemical World”. It will be exciting to see what learning  this experience sparks for our students.


Vicki Gregory