Thank you so much to the enthusiastic  volunteers who have helped our  kitchen garden classes with the working bees to  bring the garden back into a manageable order.  It has been a big team effort  and the garden is now showing the benefit of lots more TLC by multiple contributions from classes in the program.  

This week we are labelling  plants and beds: Karen Sheppard  and John Brown’s classes are working with  Amanda Whitrod  to commence this process… any volunteers welcome.

The selection panel has now made their nomination for the new Garden Specialist.  An announcement will be made soon and we are hoping that lesson will recommence at the beginning of next term.

From early next term Senior Student Garden Custodians will be working in the garden at lunch times and will allow  limited numbers of students to access the garden during lunch times.  Lunch time music concerts in the garden will be trialled next term too.

IMG_0289 IMG_0290