Reminder: Early Dismissal (2:05pm) on Friday for the last day of term.  

It’s been a great first term and much has been happening at Woodend.  Some highlights include:

  • Learning Conversations: Teachers highly valued recent opportunities to meet with families to discuss students’ learning and share information and strategies for developing the skills and dispositions for students to put their most focussed energy into their learning. Learning Conversations are about understanding students’ strengths and weaknesses, setting goals and seeking a team approach to building learning success.
  • Myojo Visit:  Our 10th Annual Myojo visit this term was a fabulous week of learning about and sharing culture. Please see the Myojo at Woodend…10th Anniversary blog post.
  • Communications  Map: Strong communication between home and school is one of the best ways for students to be successful at school. We have worked this term to make this as simple as possible! Our communications map should help families to navigate our digital communications processes.
  • Bio diversity  and Nature Play Project: With our major nature play developments taking shape around the oval, we are keen to support families to be thinking about more outdoor activities that families might experience together. With the beautiful autumn weather at the moment you may like to consider ways you and your family could experience the great outdoors these holidays. Nature Play SA has published a list of 25 things your children will love doing outdoors this autumn.  At school the grounds committee have been busy developing the Biodiversity and Nature Play project around the oval. Please see the newsblog post for details of the major developments this term. 
  • Assemblies: Whole school assemblies are a valued part of the Woodend Community and we have enjoyed three fabulous assemblies this term.
  • AGM, Annual Plan, Learning Plan: Congratulations to the Governing Council  and Committee members who were officially elected  at the AGM on 30 March.  This was a great night focused on  student learning and featuring  students from Barb William’s class, Digital Leaders and SRC leaders and reps. Our Annual Report was presented.  Soon this will be available  on our website along with our external review report.
  • Qkr! is here and we love it! Pay all your school bills via this app.


Some Key Dates for Term 2

Check the Calendar

  • NAPLAN test dates for 2016 are 10-12 May 2016          Information for parents is available here
  • NEP Review Meetings during week 4: 23-25 May
  • Proposed school Athon fundraiser during week 8: 20-24 June