IMG_5652Wow, isn’t it amazing how good those  extra big logs and stumps are.  A big thank you to  the Stanley family for looking out for us and  getting us access to these wonderful  items for our Biodiversity  and Nature  Play  Project.  As you can see, students really love them!  A big thank you to Kristy, Ailee  and Haidi   on grounds committee for locating more logs and rounds.

Next we need  big  logs for posts as in the photo at the top of this page.  We will use these posts for chin up bars and other fitness equipment and also for  draping  over  for cubby  building etc.  They can be anything from about  10 cm – 30 cm in diameter.  For the posts we need them up to 4m – 5 m long  but will use smaller for  bridges and  seating.  Any  branches with character that could be used for seats would be great too.  Pleased keep an eye  out  and let us have what you can get hold of. Contact us  or just  put them near the cricket nets.   


We are calling  for carpenters for  the building of outdoor musical instruments, bridges, seats and trellis, next term.

We are calling for planting helpers …  Haidi Sutherland  and Brett Simes will be coordinating our mass planting at the end of  May.

IMG_0342 IMG_0347