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Our Diversity is Our Strength…

It’s our Harmony Day; an event  to highlight  that we focus  our students on the wonderful richness that cultural diversity provides.  We celebrate together today, with our Hanami Picnic. A big thank you to all who contributed to the lovely  international lunch.

 In our learning programs we wish to be taking bigger steps towards really valuing  diversity and harnessing the advantages that respecting all may bring.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 7.18.13 amWhile we do explore the many international  cultures that make up a modern Australia and  Woodend of 2016,  it is also a chance for  us to acknowledge our aboriginal cultures.

 Australia has been multicultural for 50 000+ years.  

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups represent the oldest continuous cultures in the world.  The multicultural diversity that we value greatly in modern Australia, is  nowhere near as diverse as the Australia of pre 1788. There were perhaps 600 different ‘nations’ around the continent; many with distinctive cultures and beliefs. 

At Woodend we are continually aspiring to increase our students’  awareness of the importance of Harmony and Diversity.

During discussions with some of our senior student’s the question was raised about what sort of acknowledgement should be given to Indigenous Australians at our events; such as Sports Days and Assemblies.

A formal “Acknowledgment of Country”  statement was researched and it was asked if this could be included for future events.   Consequently, from now on, an  “Acknowledgment of Country”, recited by students, will be incorporated into such events. Danica Bell will lead our first student group.

Ninna Marni (Hello, are you well?)

We would like to acknowledge that the land we meet on today is the traditional lands for the Kaurna people and that we respect their spiritual relationship with their Country. We also acknowledge the Kaurna people as the traditional custodians of the Adelaide region and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to the living Kaurna people today.

We are extremely proud that this topic has been raised through a student initiative and believe that it ties in with our core beliefs and teachings about Harmony and Diversity. The Acknowledgement of Country  refers specifically to the traditional owners of the land that Woodend is situated on – they are the Kaurna (pronounced “GAR.na”) people.

We encourage students and parents to visit the following sites if they are interested in learning more about Indigenous Australian Culture, the Kaurna people and reconciliation in general:




We refer you to the  map of Aboriginal Australia