Here’s a message from our Sports Day Captains:

This year we have chosen to have a superheroes theme for our annual sports day. The reason we have picked this theme is because we  know that students are  very interested in superheroes and  may spend at lot of time focused on them.  Even though superheroes are usually  involved in  violent actions, we believe that the positive qualities of superheroes is something our students should strive towards. In our opinion superheroes are people who stand up for and help each other and, aim to always make the right choice at the right time.

Our team names this year are based around 4 qualities that we think are important for our students to possess in their lives.

Speed, Determination, Strength and Courage.

Here are the chants for our Sports Day teams.  We hope students can learn them before our first practice which is coming up soon.

GREENStrength Squad
We are the strength squad here to stay

We’ll make sure we win today

You’ll hear us roar, you’ll see us smile

make sure we go that extra mile

If you doubt us, you will see

how good our strength squad can really be.


YELLOW Determined Division

Determined Division is who we are, we will always, raise the bar

We stand up for what is right, we won’t go down without a fight

We are smart we are strong, we will never get it wrong

Watch us throw watch us catch, we will win every match

Bravery is what we need, to be the ones who succeed

We are warriors, that’s for sure, c’mon guys give us a roar.


BLUE Courageous Crew

Turn on the radio, what do you hear,

Courageous Crew give us a cheer,

We may struggle, or fall down,

But we will make sure we win the crown,

We take risks day and night,

We will never give up the fight,

Watch us shoot, watch us score,

Now listen to our mighty ROAR!!!!!


RED – Fast Force

Good luck catching us on the track

All you’ll see is our lightning backs

On our toes and off we go

Try your best and it will show

The faster we run

The stronger we become

Come on Fast Force let’s win the day

We are champions and here to stay