We experienced sunshine, wind and rain for our start back this week but it did not deter us from welcoming our new students and families to Woodend.  On our visits to classes we chatted to many new students and there was a range of emotions from nervous to excited with majority feeling a mixture of both.  A credit to our dedicated teachers who helped the students settle and develop connections, routines and familiarity over the week.


We especially want to thank our parents/carers of new Receptions for:

– managing care arrangements for your child from 12:30pm each day this week.  This has enabled reception class teachers to meet with almost every family in the afternoons.

– following our school uniform policy and having your child dressed in correct school uniform and looking very smart!


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We would like to alert all families to our parking availability and also restrictions.  It pays to arrive early to find an appropriate park and walk your child to their classroom.  We also encourage our families to walk to school as per our Way2Go initiatives.

The  morning ‘Kiss and Drop’ section on Edward Beck Drive, directly outside the school kitchen and basketball court is strictly for saying goodbye to your child and driving out within approximately 30 seconds.  It is not a parking area until the afternoon.  

We ask that you abide by this rule so that students can arrive safely and on time to begin their school day. Council parking inspectors and police may issue fines for such parking infringements.