Ali has been at Woodend for 15 years and during that time has taught more students than anyone else at the school.  Through Ali’s tremendous efforts the Japanese program is a very strong and vibrant program at our school.  Ali has been a very collaborative teacher, influencing ideas and processes across our school, not just within Japanese studies. Ali has had a strong influence in her professional groups and has represented our South Australian Education system well, whilst  working in schools in Japan and USA.  When we first established our relationship with Myojo Gakuen, 10 years ago, we were able to really build up  fantastic relationships because of Ali’s ability to understand cultural nuances and develop and maintain respectful relationships. It has been a pleasure working with Ali and we wish her a wonderful and active next stage in her  life’s adventure.  Brian

To the Woodend School Community.

From Ali Law (sensei)

This week after 15 years at Woodend PS I am retiring to begin a new lifestyle.

Would like to say how much I have enjoyed my time at Woodend. It is a great school- always changing and going forward in education ideas and in its expectations for its students.

The kids here are really terrific with friendly personalities, willing to give it a go and try different things. I have been privileged to teach them and be a part of their lives.

I have really enjoyed the parent input especially with the Myojo sister school project. Thank you very much to all the families who have been involved over the years. This is a terrific program and one that I have really enjoyed.

The staff here are wonderful. It has been a really cohesive group ready to help each other and try to do their best for each individual child. You are very lucky having such great teachers who really do care about what they do.

I also need to thank Brian Marshall who has supported me in all my endevours over the years. He has let me grow in myself and in the Japanese program at the school. I hope that we are a valued part of the school’s life and I am sure Sarah Vinall and the new teacher (Keiko Yoshino) will be able to continue the programs in future years.

As you can see I have valued every group in the community. I have enjoyed the friendship and support of many and I will miss you all.

I have been proud to say that I teach at Woodend and I hope that you all realise how lucky you are in so many ways.

Best of luck in the future and many thanks,

Ali Law.