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We had a lovely Thank You Morning Tea last Friday.  At that event we formally acknowledged, that which we hope all volunteers feel is evident in the culture of the school: that we  highly  valued all the efforts,  big and small, generously given,  for the benefit of others at the school. Ultimately the sum of our efforts is far greater when we work and think together.  In that regard we  acknowledge that there is not only time and effort put in to the traditional support for students and programs in and around the school, but there is also considerable intellectual support from  more and more of our school community members. There are more who are taking a role in seeing that parent engagement in their child’s learning is not a passive  process.  We applaud those who are  leading  a stronger learning voice in our school community. This  will lead to more exciting learning initiated by parents for parents in 2016!

On Friday we have our Farewell Assembly (at 10:00 am) and we will once again be acknowledging the long term families who are leaving.  As part of that acknowledgement we will be presenting our  Volunteers’ Award for 2015. While that award will go to one person, we want to thank the many who have contributed throughout their time at our school; some who have been associated for  well over ten years. The Volunteers Award is given to someone who has made significant contributions, usually over a number of years.  We have a small number of candidates nominated by staff.  If you have in mind for that Award, someone who is leaving, please let us know, just incase …

A big thank you to our  Chris Dinham and staff, pictured below, for organising the morning tea so well. We also than our 

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