Call for Christmas Event Performers: We are starting to put our program together for our School Community Christmas Event  (7 December) and would love to hear from those who would like to perform.  There is never any requirement that any class participates in this event, however  many students to perform in class and other groups.  We also love to have parents perform.  So please consider getting a group tether .we do always get about 3 hours of  performances

Here is the Term 4 Planner  as of today.

Beware of SNAKES: It’s snake season and it has come to our attention that they are out and about. Parents have seen two snakes slithering from the lane  off Edward Beck, to the school.

Please be aware and have a chat to your children about what to do to play safely and minimise the risks.

Japanese Stall Needs Wading Pool … can you help?:  Can you please help us? We require a wading pool for the Japanese stall at the school fair. If you are able to help us could you please bring it along to school as soon as you can. Thank you   Ali Sensei

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