The aromas and tastings in our Stephanie Alexander kitchen on Monday were so inviting! Once again representatives from the Healthy Eating Committee, Parent Network and volunteers worked productively for hours to cook nutritious and flavoursome meals for our canteen. We continue to focus on providing healthier canteen menu choices for our students. Consequently the team added more vegetables to dishes, lean, fresh meats and vegetables to burgers, created freshly made dough and healthier sauces for dishes. We thank Lisa, a Thermomix consultant, who joined us and shared practical, time-saving and healthy recipe ideas. A big thank you to Seona, Kelli, Kerri, Kellie, Karen, Emma, Sandra, Kate, Karen, Lauren, Lisa and Ailee for your time and energy at these cook ups.  We are so fortunate to have such committed, enthusiastic volunteers working for our community and for the best interests of students at Woodend.

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