A key  focus  of our Learning Improvement  Plan is to develop students’ personal and social capabilities. One main aspect of that focus is students learning about relationships: how to establish and maintain them; how to  be respectful of all people; how to understand  power in relationships.   This focus  is being supported  in many ways, including our whole school Play is the Way program.

Below is some information about another initiative to support this focus.  We thank parent,  Gill Gunn, for her passion to make this happen.  What we are keen to do is to not see once off activities as solutions to problems, but rather  opportunties we need to  harness to build on the good work we are doing at home and at school.  Learning to be better in our friendships and close relationships is developmental, for students and adults, and the focus on understanding relationships, respect,  and power are key  elements that we hope all parents and teachers will build  in an ongoing manner.

This week middle and upper primary will attend a presentation at the school by the Sammy D Foundation. Years 4 and 5 on Wednesday, 16 September and Years 6 and 7 on Thursday 17 September. The sessions have been split in this way to enable the Sammy D team to present content that is age appropriate for participants. The children will hear the story of Sammy and information on bullying prevention, cyber bullying, cyber safety and leadership. As part of the presentation students will then be split into groups to participate in workshops.

Below is an brief description from their website of what the Sammy D Foundation does and why it exists. You can access some more information on the session via this link http://www.sammydfoundation.org.au/sammy-d-impact.html.

“In 2008, Adelaide teenager Sam Davis went out with his friends to a party on a Saturday night, just like thousands of other teens around Australia. The difference was that Sam was to fall victim of a violent and unprovoked one punch assault that cost him his life.

Sam’s parents Nat Cook and Neil Davis founded the Sammy D Foundation, with the ultimate aim of providing skills to young people in order to prevent such a tragedy from happening in our community again.

The Sammy D Foundation believes that every young person deserves to be loved, supported and protected. Many need guidance and positive role modelling to equip them with the skills and confidence needed to not only avoid dangerous situations, but to also live healthier, safer and successful lives.

The principal aims of the Sammy D Foundation are to:

  • Measurably reduce youth crime in South Australia
  • Raise awareness of harm-causing behaviour
  • Bring families closer together
  • Nurture positive relationships, particularly mateship
  • Provide youth with opportunities to be successful and feel valued by their community.”

Sammy D