A very big thank you to the volunteers who offered holiday time to participate in a Woodend “cook up” during the recent holidays.  Enthusiastic members of the Healthy Eating Committee, including canteen staff, organised with volunteers to spend Wednesday 15 July in the Woodend kitchen preparing food in bulk for busy times in the canteen.  Amongst the items prepared were homemade chicken and beef burgers made with fresh ingredients and additional vegetables.

We also thank the children who kept themselves busy while their parents undertook the “cook up”.  We have a very enthusiastic and health-conscious healthy eating committee who do their best to ensure our students are provided with a range of nutritious food choices. We are very grateful of the time and support given to such events which has undoubtedly helped the canteen staff and will provide Woodend children with increased choices of code green foods.

If you are interested in assisting with our next ‘cook up’ in October, please call the front office.




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