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This year our school jump team High Velocity has seven very talented and skilful boys demonstrating amazing jump rope skills! We enjoy jump because it’s a great way to keep fit, learn new rope tricks and most of all have fun! Going on school visits is great because we meet new people and get a chance to explore other schools. We also love performing! The boys have a special routine they do during the show and the audience reaction is always fabulous! We use scooters, pogo sticks, boxes,chairs and skateboards to add interest to our routines ! By Noah and Josh.

Here are some comments by our boys about jump rope:

I enjoy the experience of performing in front of different audiences-Josh.

I like experimenting with my tricks when performing.-Noah.

I really enjoy the audience reaction to our performance especially when the boys perform! –Damon

I love the freedom we have to create new routines! –Taj

I enjoy the variety of tricks and routines we are involved in.-Alex

I enjoy working out new routines with the boys only practice sessions on Wednesdays! –Calvin