Congratulations to our second semester SRC reps.  These students will be presented with their badges at assembly on Wednesday.   We look forward to  working with them  and their first semester buddies.  SRC is an important  leadership role in the school.

In keeping with our  focus on developing students’ personal and social capabilities to help us achieve the academic stretch we are after, SRC members are being  groomed to be leaders in their learning.  Our focus in SRC is about  helping students:

  • improve their abilities to make strong decisions about their learning.  We are doing this  by involving student in  activities and discussions that focus on their own thinking; particularly about understanding  impulses and  practising how to manage them more effectively.  Semester 1 reps identified an impulse they would like to be better at managing, and the next steps are to help each other explore ways of  making improvement. Semester 2 SRC reps will  join in this process and will have the benefit of an experienced buddy from their class, who will support them.
  • be more curious and  understand about how to ask more effective questions about their learning.

Pictured are SRC reps working with the SRC leadership team during their induction session last week. we use Play Is The Way games to help us  understand managing impulses.

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