Scrumptious choices at the Canteen…

Our Healthy Eating Canteen committee have been reviewing our Canteen menu recently.  As with all schools, we referenced the Healthy Eating Guidelines within the Right Bite strategy which is the Department for Education and Child Development’s Food and Drink Supply Strategy for schools and preschools.  In particular we reviewed the hot lunch and snacks options to consider their nutritional content and improve their category rating from an ‘amber’  to a ‘green’ classification.  As of term 3, there will be a number of changes to food items so that they become even more scrumptious with improved nutrition.

Take a look at some of the choices offered in our canteen …


Did you know your child can order a delicious chicken or beef burger?  These burgers are homemade using chicken or beef mince, lean variety with salad.  These sell for $4.00.


Our freshly made lasagne is a popular choice during winter.  It is made at the canteen using lean beef mince, organic pasta sauce, vegetables, low fat cheese sauce and low fat milk. Cost: $4.00


Has your child tried a “Treasure Chest”?  This hot food item contains a piece of fish, eight potato nuggets, tartare sauce and a pot of salad – lettuce, tomato, cucumber and grated carrot.  Cost: $4.50

There are a variety of snacks available …

  • Fresh piece of fruit for 60c
  • Small packets of air-popped popcorn for 20c (larger packs for $1.20)
  • Frozen fruit cups – made from 100% fresh fruit juice for $1.00 – these are a popular seller as they are an appropriate size for young children

Better still, come in and take a look in our canteen! The canteen staff would be happy to talk to you and show you items that are available.

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