Towards the end of last term, Robyn Cavallaro and her oral language students were using Anzac Ted for some of their learning.  Here’s a report from Robyn:

It’s great whenever we can make our student learning purposeful and personal. Such is the case for our exploration of the picture book ‘Anzac Ted’ by Australian author Belinda Landsberry.

Let me tell you a little about our journey…

As a group, we listened to the story and used ‘discussion skills’ to guide us through the text, to develop a deeper understanding of such concepts as – prejudice, enlisting, peace, being both brave and a hero.

We worked through Grammar exercises by writing compound sentences and tried out a new strategy called ‘Think Aloud’ as we made collages of Anzac Ted.

Our student engagement in this process has been rewarded in the most amazing way.

I was so delighted by the work produced that I contacted the author – Belinda Landsberry – thanking her for her sensitive and thought provoking story- a story that brought my students to tears. I wanted to tell her that it was the ideal story to introduce my young students to the Anzac story, especially as we approach the 100th commemoration.

As a proud teacher I also sent photos of the students’ art work.

To my surprise, she answered my message. She was so moved by the response to her story and delighted in the art work that she has asked permission to include them on her author Facebook page.

This has happened so quickly – overnight in fact – the boys involved are extremely excited about the prospect of their art work being published, and that she made comments about their captions

And now for a word from the Author:

“How adorable! They are just priceless – in fact they made me a little misty to be honest!

How kind of you to share your class’s sensational pictures and little captions – they are so heartfelt and very moving…

Please thank your gorgeous children for me and tell them they have truly touched my heart.’

Belinda Landsberry