Thank you to the parents and staff who attended our 2015 Governing Council + Committees Welcome and Induction on Wednesday night. It was a great chance to socialise and network over some drinks and nibbles,  with both new and returning committee members, as well an opportunity to share ideas for supporting our school this year. We are so fortunate to have such a committed and positive group of volunteers!

Karen Gunton and Brian conducted an induction, which included information on the role of Governing Council and committees, responsibilities of committee members, decision making processes, and communication processes.

A major focus for committees will be operating with the school improvement headsets in mind:

  • respect: how we value all students, staff and parents and work towards success for all.
  • stretching: growing all learners’ personal, social and academic capabilities beyond our normal achievements.
  • inquiry: seeking first to understand, learning how to conduct learning investigations, learning how to  solve problems effectively
  • play: valuing play and building on the important personal learning and creativity that stems from play.
  • create a better… being focussed on improvement and  working together to make something better than we would have created alone.

The Family Engagement Strategy is a major focus for all committees.  Where possible committees will seek to develop the links between their work and student learning.  In doing so there will also be consideration of  how  we  can better support parents to  support their children’s learning.?????

Thank you to all of our school committee members!

Governing Council:  Karen Gunton, Kelli Dudley, Erika Glovitch, Seona Anderson, Kristy Barnes, Leisa Bailey, Kerry Middleton, David Ranger, Brett Simes, Mark Fahey, Linda Quinton, Fae Heaselgrave, Sarah Thomas, Kylie Trenorden, Stacey Taylor, Kate Gracie, Steve Mansfield, Kym Sard, Angela Burrows, Jane-Ann Natar, Jennie Hoskins, Fay Magias and Brian Marshall

Sports Committee: Andrena Gilmour, Seona Anderson, Leisa Bailey, Linda Quinton, Scott Kenny, Allison Stewart, Deb Honeyman, Jason King, Donna Mansfield, Jill  Vevers, Emma Carney, Kerrie Brugemann, Matthew Hehner, Sharyn Paris, Dana Pentland, Cathie Luke

HealthyEating Committee: Lauren Stanley, Kellie Najar, Seona Anderson, Kerry Middleton, Kate Gracie, Helen Lewis, Dianne Thomas, Leanne Murphy, Cathie Luke

Grounds Committee: Haidi Sutherland, Ailee Cheney, Kristy Barnes, Brett Simes, Steve Mansfield, Amy Gill, Kylie Catanzariti, Liz Fogg, Andrew Smith, Steve Smith, Vicki Gregory, Lynda Palmer, Brian Marshall

Finance Committee: Angela Burrows, Jennie Hoskins, Sharon Gregory, David Ranger, Sarah Thomas, Brian Marshall

OSHC Committee: Fae Heaselgrave, Sarah Thomas, Kate Gracie, Zoe Smitheram,  Sue Christophers, Jo Redmond, Tiffany Russell, Jarrod Lamshed

20th Birthday Committee:  Kelli Dudley, Erika Glovitch, Gill Birch, Dana Pentland, Angela Burrows, Vicky Gregory, Fay Magias

Parent Network: Jenny Kustermann, Linda Quinton Meggan Wesolowski, Sascha Hyland, Bethany Fahey, Kate Bell, Amber Shreeve, Lyndsay Marshall, Sarah Argent, Helen Boers, Karen Gunton, Paula Healey Sharon Jennings, Leisa Bailey, Robyn Carter, Erika Glovitch, Annette Winterton, Adrienne Nissen, Haidi Sutherland, Natasha Clifford, Andrena Gilmour, Debbie Booker, Deb Black, Trudie Engelhardt, Alicia Middleton-Frew, Janine Threadgold, Joanne Hooton, Flora Arban, Shannon Mizon Shannon Tohu, Liz Flockhart, Kellie Dudley, Linda Grainger, Simone Saunders-Lance, Michelle Purling, Katie Koock, Alecia Duke, Amanda Porter, Kim Hartwich and Brian Marshall