We love this week with our buddies from  Myojo.  Monday night was anther lovely night where over 100  children, parents and staff enjoyed a BBQ dinner together.  The atmosphere was terrific and always makes us feel so good about everyone on being together doing something memorable.  We know our host families are extremely generous with their time and  care for the children they are hosting.  Again we thank them so much for their involvement in this very rewarding experience.

Ali Law is to be commended for her work in organising this visit each year. She liaises with our Japanese colleagues; ensures our HomeStay arrangements are in order; coordinates the  placement of Myojo students in classes; works closely with the host teachers to ensure we have an impressive experience for visiting staff as well as visiting students; ensures that for every event during the week our visitors know what they need to be doing and where they need to be. Yes it is a busy, but hugely rewarding week. Sarah Vinall has been doing a great job trying to understand Ali’s role and support the program this year.

We thank our host teachers too for their efforts in classes to  design learning activities that better include the Myojo students.  Many of those teachers have had Myojo students for all the 9 years Myojo has been visiting.  Our teachers who host Myojo staff also go to amazing lengths to show off the best of our  Australian lifestyle … that means lots of big nights out!  We especially thank Vicki Gregory who has been a wonderful staff host every year from the inception of the program.

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