Students will be allowed to have some fun with their outfits and team colours on the day, however, sun safety will still be a priority so hats and shirts/t-shirts with sleeves are mandatory. These guidelines allow for those who would like to get creative on Sports Day but such outfits are by no means essential. It is not intended that there should be a large financial outlay in preparation for the day.

Clothing: The standard school uniform is more than acceptable and the decision to add anything that indicates your child’s team colours will be left up to individuals and parents/caregivers. Sunsafe tops are essential. Shoulders and the upper body must be covered. Tanktops, singlets or cropped tops may be layered over another sunsafe item of clothing.

Either standard school uniform or team colours are suitable on the bottom half but please keep it appropriate for a primary school sporting event. All clothing must enable students to actively participate in the day. No bike shorts or tights unless underneath garments. Logos should be minimized.

Hats: School hats should be worn on the day but may be decorated in team colours. Keep in mind that any adornments to school hats must be temporary. Team coloured hats will be allowed but must be broad brimmed or legionnaire style.

Shoes:  Sports shoes or school shoes are essential. Whilst we want students and families to have fun on the day, safety is a priority so shoes with a closed toe, that allow safe and active participation in the day are mandatory. Ballet slippers and other slip on shoes are not considered suitable.

Accessories: We are allowing the students to be creative with accessories, using their team colours. Have fun with socks, ribbons, etc but please no crepe paper as this has an environmental impact on the school and surrounds.

Sunscreen: Please ensure sunscreen is applied before arriving at school. Coloured zinc is allowed but again, please apply at home (and after sunscreen). Same applies with hair colouring; these should all be applied before arriving at school.

Jewellery: The school uniform policy applies regarding jewellery as this is a safety issue. NO dangly or large earring, necklaces, bracelets. These items could pose a danger to students and are at risk of loss.

Students will not be able to participate in Sports Day whilst they don’t comply.