aquatics 1

On the February the 16th and 17th all the year 6/7s went to Port Noarlunga Beach for aquatics. We got to choose two activities. I chose wave skiing and fishing but wave skiing was my favourite. Wave skiing was difficult in different areas for me, like for me, it was easy to stay on and paddle but hard to catch a wave. It was funny when you saw your friends fall off but also still as funny when you fell off. I recommend to do wave skiing if you like a little laugh and exercise. Overall, aquatics were a great experience (besides my sprained ankle.)

By Jackson


The best activity I did was snorkelling because I saw so many sea creatures like starfish, fish and sea urchins. When we were snorkelling at the big reef there were so much fish and when we were feeding them a big fish jumped up and nearly bit my nose. On the first day we did snorkelling near the little reef and I got to touch a fish. There were orange starfish and at the big reef there was an anchor and a ladder that used to run all the way to the end of the jetty.

By Olivia

aquatics 3

The most exciting activity I did for Aquatics was body boarding. The reason for that is because of the exhilarating feeling I got whenever I caught a very big strong wave that pushed me to shore. There were many, many waves like this so I got this feeling frequently. Body boarding was very exciting and it is going to be what I do whenever I go to the beach from now on. Body boarding is heaps of fun and I would definitely recommend it.

By Emma