We invite all families to come along to the AGM on Wednesday 18 March in the gym, starting at 7:00 pm.   Our AGM is an important event each year and we love having an audience. At the AGM important things are said about how we are going as a school and what direction we are taking with our learning.  We also like to keep everything really snappy but still respectfully allow time to acknowledge the excellent team efforts that go into educating students at this school.

The format for the AGM is that we have a brief section for Governing Council reports including the 2015 Budget, followed by a brief presentation of our Annual Report.  Our SRC students will be acknowledged and our combined choirs will sing.

A major part of our AGM will be the launch of our Biodiversity and Nature Play Project.  This is our project to create more play space  on the oval (with strong biodiversity considerations), and includes designing and  creating  fencing along the Edward Beck boundary  of the oval. The plans and ideas so far will be presented by students and our adult team.

All up we hope this will be a bright and engaging  hour or so.  Please consider coming along and supporting our school.

Biodiversity Students pictured working with our Biodiversity Project team, looking at plans for redesigning the Oval surrounds.


Main picture at the top of this page is of students in Room 19  looking at their plans for redesigning their learning spaces.  In our annual report we will be talking about adults and students co-constructing learning.

Here’s what Josh had to say about this picture:

“Under Construction”: Today our class had a re-orientation day. As this photo shows you some of us got in the construction attire. Today we didn’t have the usual school day. We completely changed the layout of our classroom. These plans were only some.