This year 16 students have been selected as sports day students they are as follows:  Danica Bell;                                                                          Emma Dudley; April Gray; Sarah Morgan; Madelyn Weakley; Josh Burrows; Patrick Hann; Zach Kannane;        Ella Hadley; Erza Veseli; Natasha Christophers; Chloe Dumesny; Lachlan Sharp; Shae Blasdale;                     Adele Cocks; Briarne Kleims-Carlaw

Matthew Hehner reports that these students started in their first meeting brainstorming ideas about what our theme will be this year. Their ideas have been well thought out and have showed creative and critical thinking. We are looking forward to another successful Sports Day on Friday 27 March.

Students will be placed in their teams as soon as possible, with  4 balanced teams  created in each class.  We need this balance to ensure that our tabloid events run effectively. Responding to feedback, last year, we did look at how we might have organised our teams differently such as  along family lines, however, this was not easily done nor  suitable for the day we are trying to achieve. The colours for Sports Day teams are: red, blue yellow and green.  The theme will be announced soon.