We thank those who have given us feedback about the news blog.  We have received many positive comments, however, we know that once you subscribe, email notifications have been sent to you every time an item has been posted here.  We know that is annoying and we think that we have solved that problem!  We have changed our notification settings so that from now on there will only be a maximum of one notification per day regardless of how many posts have been made.  This notification has been scheduled to be sent at 2:00 pm each day if there has been any news posts within that 24 hour period.

Please spread the word that we would like people to subscribe to this news blog and also to team app.

Soon we will offer some information sessions for parents, to  focus on our digital technology expectations in classes and to also show  them and sports team managers, Parent Network, Governing Council and Committees, how to  access and use these communication technologies.