The power will now not be out on Friday 30 January. SA Power Networks informed us yesterday that the outage is now likely to occur in a few weeks’ time. To avoid us being inconvenienced they may provide us with generators when that happens.  Many classes will still go ahead with their planned activities tomorrow including the Great Iceblock Challenge.

Below is what was reported On  27/01/15


We have been notified by Power Networks SA that we will be amongst 220 sites in the neighbourhood who will have their power  supply switched off between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm on Friday 30 January. We have decided we will harness this as a creative opportunity rather than a dilemma.  Teachers will let you know what they will be doing on the day.  One of many options may be to take a local walk. Please return the Consent Forms January 2015 by this Friday, so that this option is accessible to your child’s class.

The canteen will be closed on the day; therefore students should bring their own lunch on Friday.

Some classes will be taking part in the Great Ice Block Challenge!