We are getting close to our first ever Colour Run at Woodend – Friday 28 September!


We have more information to share about the day. Please note, the timetable is approximate, we may end up running faster or slower than this timetable.

If you are coming to watch your children do the Colour Run, please watch from the designated viewing area in the centre of the oval, and please be careful crossing into the centre of the oval as children will be running and doing obstacles around the outside of the oval.

Any parents who wish to take their children home early must sign out at the front office.

9:30 = year 6/7 & 5/6 classes

10:00 = year 4/5 classes

Recess 10:45-11:05

11:05 = year 3 & 3/4 classes

11:15 = year 2 classes

11:30 = year 1 classes

11:50 = year R classes

12:20 = Whole school wrap up

Lunch 12:45-1:25

Early Dismissal 2:05

REMINDER: We would like students to come to school on the day ready to run – wearing a white Tshirt and old shoes/clothes etc. as colour may stain; also please bring an old towel for use after the run, in the classroom etc.

All other safety considerations and run information can be found here in the Colour Run FAQs – please read through the FAQs so that you have all of the information about the run.

Note: if children come to school in their uniform they will not be able to participate in the run.

REMINDER: all fundraising money is due online or to the office on Friday 28 September – click here for instructions for fundraising.